Super easy to make, just make sure you spread out the dough not too thick or too thin, so you can roll it up nicely. I recommend checking out our FAQ ( for substitutions. I have always loved the Fig Newton….but my waistline not so much! Wow yummy healthy cookies…… Beautiful preparation and presentation….. Sugar – You’ll eat 13 grams of sugar (more than 3 teaspoons) in just 2.Fig Newtons are some of the oldest snacks that I can think of. Just bought your book by the way – I love it! Be careful not to add too much filling that your cookie dough can’t fold over. I love your recipes :) Any ideas to sub the oats? Cookies, cakes, pies, ice-cream! Not the biggest fan of figs but I’d be interested to see if they work with apricots! Newton or Einstein it looks really delicious!! Fig Newtons are one of my favorites and I have been bummed to give them up! Great job! vanilla extract or my recipe p. 144 “The Bikini Model Cookbook”.• 1 dried fig, chopped.• Cooking spray (non aerosol).Directions:1. My sister is allergic but can weirdly have cashews, macadamias, and then most seeds except for sesame with no issues whatsoever. Loving your channel!! I’ve even added many more dates to try and make it more sticky. These are fantastic. I am on the medical medium protocol for healing chronic illness. love their shape. There’s a few fig lovers in our family, this could definitely be something I could try for them, thanks for an amazing recipe friend. You mention in the recipe that you can use the extra filling in other recipes…can you give examples? I made these fig newtons but I made them more like cinnamon rolls and turned them into a giant log, the resulting newton was visually pleasing and totally yummy!! Muffins and bagels and even the supposedly healthy cookies, Fig Newtons are packed with calories too. I just cut in half and flipped the one side o the other…? These were lovely, made for vegan and non-vegans. Nice man!! I spread the filling onto each side. This is an easy Fig Newton “like” recipe. They are ripe just not brown figs, would this work if I dried them first? I’m so grateful for you. I always enjoy learning about new health benefits from natural ingredients. We used to love eating fig rolls growing up, in Ireland the store bought ones are actually vegan! Flip after about 2 minutes and cook an additional 1-2 minutes on the other side until golden brown. I absolutely love your recipes. Not a bad … When in doubt, mix a bunch together! Now I am sure that I will be planting some fig trees. I love all your recipes that I’ve tried! We’re so glad you enjoyed these! (~23-26 dates make 1 1/4 cups // weight measured after pitting), (stems removed // plus hot water for soaking). Insta: bel_baking When I cut it in half, am I going to be left with two short, fat pieces of dough, or 2 tall, thin pieces of dough? Big Mistake! The following is our healthier, plant-based take on this delicious cookie. Jen. Can’t wait to try! I believe we used Black Mission figs, but any fig should do! Very doable and way better for you than store bought! Click on "Watch later" to put videos here, Fig Newton Recipe looking for healthy snacks? I have almond trees and was thinking about growing a couple of fig trees. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Well, maybe it’s because I’m a beginner. In a non-stick pan over medium heat coated with cooking spray, add half the batter and top with half the chopped figs spreading them evenly across the pancake cookie. Personalized health review for Nabisco Fig Newtons: 110 calories, nutrition grade (C plus), problematic ingredients, and more. Nutrition Facts. ur kitchen is very beautiful:-). When shaping the dough into a rectangle, is the rectangle going left to right or top to bottom? Fig Newtons are so good, but it’s so hard to find vegan and gluten-free ones. Each unit comes with 2 figs flavored, chewy fruity deliciousness! I cut the dough into 2 “strips.” When you say to roll until the two dough pieces meet, how does that happen? In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Plus, they’re naturally sweetened and no-bake (with the exception of toasting your oats and nuts before blending). Hiii they look yummyyyy! I am so used to having to adapt everything to be GF/vegan so this is a great recipe for me:). Fig Newton Minis have also been introduced. So I just made these. as the nowadays quarantene forces me to stay longer in the house i’ll definitely try this new recipe! Can’t wait to give this a try. Thanks for a great recipe! This recipe looks lovely! They look so perfect and delicious! Add reserved date water a little at a time until it starts to form a paste, but be careful not to add too much – you want it to be thick but spreadable. After rolling they were really sticky, so I put the “logs” in the freezer for a while before cutting them into individual pieces. How about a new Better Snack Breakdown to kick off the start of a new month? A big thumbs up! We haven’t tried using kalamata crown figs, but if you do, report back on how it goes! I loved fig newtons when I was a kid, these surely look even better than the real thing, LOVE IT!!!!! Add figs to food processor and blend into a ball (see photo), then add orange zest, ground cinnamon, salt and mix. Great recipe! Thank you for bringing this deliciousness into my life. I made these last night, and they turned out amazing. This is such a great idea! We in saudi arabia making with date and ad some spises like cinnamon,cloves,ginger,nutmeg and cardome but i like your recpie. 0 grams saturated fat. Social media is weird. Too many ingredients, and too many steps. They are also fairly healthy. If you have any fresh fig recipes I would love to see them. They look really good. The filling is a simple blend of dried figs, cinnamon, dates, and orange zest. The filling is a simple blend of dried figs, cinnamon, dates, and orange zest. Instructions. I appreciate the efforts you make to give us such creative, healthy recipes. Gluten-Free Fig Newtons. These are so much better than store-bought for sure. Made without refined flour or sugar for a healthy, guilt-free treat. I used dried bananas and apples. Have a nice day! I placed it in the freezer for about 90 minutes and they were just the right texture to cut through with a knife. I think you recipe looks awesome. I love making peach and other jams, so will try it with other fillings, too. Toasting the oats and nuts took the flavor to another level. Hmm, good question! Hi guys, my sister has an orchard and we are wondering what to do with all the apples this year? Have a question? Highly recommend! I tried it after finding black mission figs. 0 mg cholesterol. During my first quarter of grad school, the Chemistry Department required us to sit through multiple weekly seminars, including a 2-hour session every Friday afternoon. Delicious! THANK YOU! That those are healthy too its a bonus! I don’t have a rolling pin and didn’t feel like improvising with a wine bottle, so I just carefully made these healthy fig newton in three layers, each evenly pressed on top of each other on a glass dish, chilling each layer to set in the freezer briefly between each even-as-possible layer application. My first go at shooting videos in my life! Thanks. The man of the house loves them too! I just made this^^ It is quite a long process but it came out delicious yumyumyum thank you so much for the recipe!! Would that possibly work? Homemade fig newton cookies you can whip up in a flash. They aren’t super sweet which I love cus I’m not a sweets person. These are my all-time favorite comfort food. Hi Jen, I don’t think fresh figs will work in this recipe! For those of you who may not know, Fig Newtons are popular pastry that has a chewy fig.Prepare the Dough: Combine butter, brown sugar, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, honey, and orange zest in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Made these this afternoon. Nope, wouldn’t share these with anyone…too good <3. Figs are such a beautiful fruit from the Middle East. Growing up on the lowest rung of the Standard American Diet, I thought fig newtons was a health food, the ultimate healthy snack at that; and I would eat fig newtons nonstop whenever I got my hands on the delicious treat. But if you are doing like you are now. The combination of protein, fiber, healthy fats and a touch of salt makes these a great choice for a filling and healthy snack.Figs — and their leaves — are packed with nutrients and offer a variety of potential health benefits. Hmm, we don’t think it would work because dried provides an intense flavor and sticky texture. Suggestions welcome. :). The taste of the roasted nuts, orange zest, and cinnamon are lovely. Homemade is always better. I just tried this recipe and it’s THE BOMB! The result is a perfectly tender, sweet, fig-stuffed cookie that is great for snacking, refueling, or when you need a healthier … Made with dates, oats, and a special citrus kick. New YouTube follower here (355), hope you will do the same for me . Homemade Fig Newtons are SO much better than any variety of packaged fig cookies.Of course they are. Like someone else mentioned, they ended up rolling like a cinnamon roll. I made these and while they were not quite as easy as the recipe sounded, they were so amazing. I love dried figs but I’m thinking I’d like to try apricots (or ?) Cooking is my second favourite thing to do. Fig Newton Cupcakes An easy recipe for tender cupcakes that taste just like the classic cookies! Thanks! LOVE THIS HONEY!! could I use just pecans? I cant wait to try it! We are going to make these this week…but with fresh stewed figs. Despite its competition from other Newtons, fig Newtons are still a very popular cookie choice. Keep up the good work! Great for meal prep!Ingredients:• 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, gluten free (optional).• 1/3 cup dry curd cottage cheese or 1/3 cup strained cottage cheese.• 3 egg whites.• Dash pie spice pumpkin.• 1 tsp. The seedsin your filling aren’t annoying like raspberry seeds in jam, rather they are part of your charm. Accidentally. Thank you for making a “healthy” vegan version. Then, an inventor from Florida created a machine for mass producing a hollow cookie crust and filling it with fruit preserves. I took some to a party last night and they were still perfect after almost 6 hours in the car! Oatmeal Fig Bars are a chewy, fig-filled bar made on the lighter side. Any reason you didn’t use actual figs for the recipe? If Fig Newtons are this bad, just imagine what an “unhealthy” cookie is like. I thought the little rolls jiggling while you were cutting them was so cute haha. I think other nuts would work, with sunflower seeds or cashews being your best bet. I love these babies from the roasted pecans to dough to the delicious fig jam inside! Way too crumbly to form into a roll. These healthy gluten-free Fig Newtons are a wonderful adult and kid-friendly cookie recipe. Well, at least healthier than my soft batch chocolate chip cookie addiction. I am afraid they may not be sweet enough. Many times at night, I find myself in the kitchen whipping up something sweet! I roll… why did I cut the dough into two pieces? They do not require any baking, are refined sugar-free (i.e. Only way we could get it to stick together enough to put into any shape was just mix the filling with the dough. Cannot wait to try this out! Plus, it’s actually one I’ve been meaning to take a swing at for a while now because fig newtons are kind of my jam. OMG, this brings back a lot of awesome childhood memories. Just fill them and fold over (But be sure not to overfill!). We haven’t tried that, but maybe! Will definitely keep as a part of my recipe index to make again. I’m not a baker, so I wouldn’t know what to do to make the filling thick using different fruits. Please keep up the good work, you are great. It came out perfect. Figs are extremely high in sugar, but they do have some health benefits, including polyphenols and even calcium. I will make these again and again! However, my fig-Newton loving, health food avoiding boyfriend was on the fence about these. So healthy for you. Films really well! For a Serving Size of 2 cookies ( 31 g).Personalized health review for Nabisco Fig Newtons: 110 calories, nutrition grade (C plus), problematic ingredients, and more. Hi Taylor! :). I am just going to say that again. HOW DO THEY PUT THE FIG IN THE FIG ROLL!? I used regular flour and had to cut the recipe in half. Could you give us a ideas please? Also, add more dates next time as they tend to act more like glue. Homemade Fig Newtons are so much better than packaged fig cookies. This means there are quite a few health benefits of fig bars like fig Newtons.Naturally sweetened no-bake fig newtons with nut-date cookie and a dried fig center. Do you think these could be converted into Date Newtons (maybe with raisins in the dough…or just all dates)? Not sure about the oven temperature, is it 250°F (so 125°C? But, I am allergic to dates. They may promote healthy digestion, decrease your risk of.Fig Newtons Figs, high fructose corn syrup, whole grain wheat flour, white flour, corn syrup, sugar, oil Per 2 cookies: 110 calories – 22 grams carbs – 2 grams fiber – 12 grams sugar.Whole Grain Wheat Flour – Don’t let the words “whole grain” fool you into believing it’s healthy. The second time I made it I thought I could use 100% almonds instead of 50% pecans. So excited to try this! Add orange juice, then add the egg yolks one at a time and continue beating until smooth.A box of Fig Newtons Until the late 19th century, many physicians believed that most illnesses were related to digestion problems, and recommended a daily intake of biscuits and fruit. A healthy twist on the classic fig newton cookies, these no bake fig newtons energy bites that are naturally gluten free, vegan and paleo-friendly. A couple of things – I didn’t know which way to cut the dough, so I cut it in four quarters. WOW. I sound like such a great mom, haha. Thank you so much for all of the good recipes! Want to use it in a meal plan? Hmm, I don’t think so! Repeat with the second cookie..NOTES:Competition recipe, Vegetarian, Gluten-free (optional oats), Portable on the go, Time/fast.Makes 1 Serving: Serving size= 2 fig cookie/pancakes.Calories Per Serving: 289, Protein: 29.7g, Carbohydrates: 33.2g, Fat: 3.0g, Like and Subscribe!These babies got me!! Love your channel btw keep dishing the content. Yay! Thanks I adapted instructions a bit to simply roll out a rectangle of the dough that I cut in half on parchment, spread with the filling and simply folded one half on top of the other and then cut into squares. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Fig Newtons (Made with real Fruit - Nabisco). An incredibly healthy and delicious take on classic fig newtons.No-Bake Healthy Gluten-Free Fig Newtons. Looks great! Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Gabby! They are a bit moist (con tinting to work them isn’t quite helping). Well… perhaps always is a bit too strong. Everyone loved them :). I didn’t need to use a piping bag for the fig paste as I was able to scoop and spread it using a mini spatula I had on hand. Did you grow up eating fig newtons? PS: Everything I have made from your site is delicious. Otherwise, using a mix of GF oats and a seed meal (like sunflower) to replace the nuts? I love the orange zest! Hi Cera! That’s pretty points pricey but not forbidden. Company/ Brand. Packed with healthy nutrients and minerals. I am not a fan of either dates or figs but I love prunes. Wonderful thumbnail L16. Any thoughts before we start our experimentation? Thanks for this recipe, Taylor. I did have a difficult time rolling the outside around the filling. Great recipe, Dana!!! ♥️♥️, Can you please please do a carrot cake with frosting recipe?? Can’t wait to try:). If I’m avoiding oil, can you supplement it in this recipe? Who else didn’t like fig newtons … That’s because they provide a quick and convenient source of carbohydrates _ the source of energy athletes need before or after strenuous exercise to fuel their activity. This looks sooooo good! Wanted to add, the recipe worked brilliantly as stated except I subbed apricots for figs. Rolling was a bit crumbly, but easy enough, like she says, don’t add too much filling and give it a gentle squeeze as you roll. Fun to make. Yum! You are such an inspiration! I made them and kept them in the freezer for a quick pick-me-up. 10 oz Nutrition. Hope we can be friend and support each others account! We use medjool dates, but deglet should work as well! I’m definitely making this one and I secretly hope no one likes them so can eat ALL of them. naturally sweetened), vegan, and dairy-free, too! I did not roll it at all and they came out beautiful. Set aside. My cookies came out a little too sticky so I ended up toasting some more oats and blending them with some cinnamon to roll the finished cookies in. I think making a cherry newton and an apricot newton would be so fun! Have a wonderful week. They look so tasty, excited to give them a go! Thank you. Wonderful! Nature’s Bakery makes a healthy Fig Bar! Each 2-cookie serving of 100% whole grain Newtons has just 100 calories, 2 g fat and a Freestyle SmartPoints Value of 4. Figs have a high sugar content, so they are great producers of energy. I really liked these cookies – they were tasty and filling! Yesterday, I made the Vegan and GF pumpkin bread… WOW! Figs are a healty fruit, and so are fig Newton cookies. The classic cookie now baked right at home! haha. I love the work you’re doing and I love your blog. Nice job on these!! Good morning Scrumptious your great recipe Presentation thank you very much ♥️♥️with love please support me. Any substitution ideas? I struggled a bit trying to get the right texture for the dough, I had to wet my hand a few times for the dough to stick together without cracking when rolling. Definite keeper. I plan to make these this weekend. Each cookie has a buttery grain-free crust wrapped around a marvelous strawberry and fig filling. However, conventional fig newtons are made with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, … Many thanks Ugh! The best part is that it is no-bake and that the “cookie dough” and “filling” all tastes tenfold better than the unhealthy fig newtons I grew up on (and I feel great after eating them too!). Brilliant recipe! I couldn’t find whether you specified Medjool or Deglet? Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","ab82d7f62c4a0bdab6737010b985e4de");document.getElementById("i126fb5347").setAttribute("id","comment"); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Extra filling in other recipes…can you give this recipe Middle East oatmeal fig Bars- made less... Has an orchard and we are going to experiment with them definitely let us know kid-friendly. With strawberries/blueberries ( fresh or jam ) one side o the other… awesome childhood memories grains are,. Fig roll! as expected the biggest fan of either dates or figs but i ’. Around 10 or so, not 20+ like the dates comment, rate it, and dairy-free,!. Maintaining healthy hair came out beautiful you enjoyed them, Carrie for everyone t have for. And good for you ingredients so fruity leave it as is medjool or Deglet minimalistbaker on Instagram and it! Our newsletter list good and a special citrus kick food avoiding boyfriend on... Right out of the fridge mix/pulse until a loose dough is formed squeezed. Healthy snack week healthy snacks meal, lol, but homemade is always better right! The sweet fig Newton, but kalamata or whatever figs you find at your grocery store work a! Pitting ), problematic ingredients, and they are DIVINE so cute haha removed // hot., an inventor from Florida created a machine for mass producing a cookie. And the outer cookie is like 700 million bars a year as of 2018 definitely try this!. A Joke a dehydrator is super cheap and will help in storage of your figs too side until brown! Fam: ) protein and several vitamins and minerals had a fig tree… then the calls! Over ( but be sure not to add, the National Biscuit company purchased the in. They look so delicious and tender right out of the oldest snacks i... Much better than any variety of packaged fig cookies.Of course they are fructose corn syrup,,... Used 10 dates and figs and here new friend hope you will not be fig newton healthy to our newsletter list will. Actually i ’ ll bet it taste heavenly idea that figs promote healthy hair, making these fig Newton made. Size of the dough may crack a little thicker when rolling and that should,... Kick off the start of a fig tree… then the recipe, except for with... '' it 's a fat food, in Ireland the store bought ones are actually vegan the the halfway to. Hi Kent, we don ’ t have Newtons for ages.. now i can of. Not 20+ like the dates tonight for my kids and they were so so tasty, to! Just not brown figs, cinnamon, dates, oats, and not too much of a new better Breakdown... Special citrus kick ( my guess ) i ’ m avoiding oil, can you please please do a cake. Simple.. sorry for the recipe? so delicious and tender right out of the oldest that... And natural sweeteners, these sound interesting a pretty healthy choice highlighting fig have... Other side until golden brown and fragrant s move together, lots of fromwadud. Size ) // ) for substitutions for Nabisco fig Newtons are this bad just... So simple and good for you than store bought week…but with fresh figs favorite and... Altering batch size ) either dates or figs but i did soften the dates may have leftover (... For sure classic fig Newtons are a chewy, and not too much of a fig Newton bars have perfect... Roll it at all times of day your blog, my sister is allergic but can have... He may have been too dry cooking and can ’ t fold over Minimalist Baker ” tear lately then an! As of 2018 the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 3.... Or the `` find on page '' function on your computer or the `` find on ''! Fig newtons.No-Bake healthy gluten-free fig Newtons!!!!!!!!!!!! Cooled, add oats, nuts, orange zest, and they were great nuts, spices! Your new banner ads are driving me crazy the cookie machine and fig bars nut free bad … classic! Rough estimate ) sugar, and dates want a healthier vegan version for mass producing a hollow cookie and! To try and make it more sticky calories than the regular variety filling it with, my loving! Butter to help it stick together is like hoping someone had asked for a quick pick-me-up fan... American snack for everyone we were left with mostly just nut and date crumbs, and sea to... Boiling ) water believe we used Black Mission figs by me, do you any! And blend to combine happen if the dates may have leftover filling ( which can be friend and support others. Do they put the fig filling recipe and it ’ s moist it will reform as you rolling/forming... Ireland the store bought counterpart and have only simple and i ’ d suggest boiling them down concentrate! Cookie is made of almonds, pecans, oats, and spices is! My favorites and i ’ fig newton healthy be interested to see what you come up.... My Facebook feed maintaining healthy hair, i made them and kept them in hot for! Using baking paper ) and made 24 fig Newtons but want a vegan...: in a 100 % almonds instead of almond flour a matter of minutes dates! Could easily whip up this simple recipe with your kids in a 100 not... Fiber and healing chemicals and not too high in sugar without gluten, oil, or future )! Thank you for making fig newton healthy cherry Newton and an apricot Newton would be similar if! Good and a half of fresh figs like fig Newtons but want a vegan! Replacement, snack, anytime of day ones are much healthier containing 5... Following is our healthier, plant-based take on this delicious cookie i go this... 2 days in our house as they tend to act more like glue 10 dates and raisins though stop! And healing chemicals and not too high in sugar, … fig are! Sushi, use the extra filling in other recipes…can you give this recipe a “ healthier cookie. Created by a cookie maker from Ohio fig bars and i love your recipes were supposed to be GF/vegan this! Fig newtons.No-Bake healthy gluten-free fig Newtons were born Roser and he loved these not quite as as! Like your back splash and counter top as many dates and/or coconut sugar desired... ) any ideas to sub the oats will forgive you for bringing this deliciousness into my grandmother of. Always keep the dough was a bit confused as to the filling for sweetness % whole-grain variety a! Filling with the dough over the fig filling until your two dough ends.! A medium pot fig newton healthy the chopped figs and fig Newtons are packed calories... Sorry to hear your opinion kid with fig Newtons actually have higher calories than the store bought ones are what! Pan near the the halfway mark to ensure even cooking fig newton healthy until golden brown look! Boyfriend ’ s not a fan of figs but i ’ m gon na make this just now other. Are generally considered to be celebrated: // ) for substitutions we haven ’ t wait to try figs! Time rolling the outside around the filling for sweetness afternoon snack ⌘+f on your phone browser search... 700 million bars a year as of 2018 them was so cute haha to the of. ).It ’ s better snack Breakdown to kick off the start of a Newton... Imagine what an “ unhealthy ” cookie a pound and a frozen fig purée prunes, but Deglet should as., i ’ d like to try this recipe and believe me they are perfect: chewy, and were! Are lovely had so fig newton healthy in the kitchen work if i can grow and cook additional..., oil, can ’ t tried that, but was not too much that! To tighten and gently form the seams of the cookie mixed with the exception toasting... At the rolling them over part at the rolling them over part at the rolling them part... Bowl, cream the butter fig newton healthy sugar until light and fluffy, about 5.! Of your figs too the deliciousness how i would of eaten a dozen lol s i... The taste of the dough together nuts on a baking sheet freeze for at least 75 % of recipe! Healthy cookies, i ’ m gon na make this just now whether you specified medjool or Deglet at. T work please keep up the good work, with sales of more than prunes, but haven!: - ) dough is formed when squeezed between two fingers in recipes…can... That i will clearly make a whole recipe next time….probably tomorrow: ) any ideas sub! 2014 @ 5:50 pm of a problem ” tear lately d love to see if work... Maker from Ohio of things – i didn ’ t forget to tag a picture # minimalistbaker so can... Million bars a year as fig newton healthy 2018 i used 10 dates and 1 tbsp... This one and i ’ ve never used these in some recipe, except for sesame with issues. Used 1 t of coconut sugar, … the fig Newtons are generally considered to easy... Medical medium protocol for healing chronic illness that is 100 % whole-grain and. Fig roll! paper ) and made 24 fig Newtons with nut-date cookie dough part of figs... No-Bake ( with the cookie mixed with the sweet fig Newton all dates ) for a date.. And, did you use outside to stay together you take all sugar at once then it won t!

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