Actuellement l'U.S. Novice question. The Army-issued M4 has undergone over 90 design improvements over the years, which led to the upgraded M4A1 model of the carbine. Robert Scales, a military analyst and retired Army major general, has cited the M4's gas impingement system as its primary drawback and has argued that the gun cannot be improved without replacing the gas impingement system altogether.[1]. Diffen LLC, n.d. That year, a single-source order for the Colt M4 was made, essentially closing down the competition. [2] Max Slowik, a firearms expert, has said the M4A1+ will share many characteristics with AR-15s found on the commercial market. The gun is preferred by the majority of players because of its low recoil, decent damage and fire rate. 3 were on the Range, 4 were during other training. Le M16 est le fusil d'assaut standard de l'armée américaine. 1 2 10 Manu_kun92. 6 years ago. Conclusion. On the upside, this is easy to manage in field conditions. Which one is better,the M416 or the M16A4. Deux versions me sont présentées : l’une avec un canon standard, destinée à équiper les unités de contact, l’autre avec un canon plus court pour les autres unités. Log In Sign Up. Which means it blows hot gas from a tube on top of the barrel. Here is a detailed comparison between the M416 and M16A4 in PUBG Mobile. The two most common assault rifles in the world are the Soviet AK-47 and the American M16. If I get an 8x I’ll swap it over and burst the M16A4 with a 2x or red dot. The M4 jams quite a lot more often than the M16A4 does. Then as a secondary I have a AKM, M416 or UMP. The same perception is applicable to M4 and HK416 also. The HK416 is a German Assault rifle developed by Heckler & Koch in 2004. Si l’on retrouve le mécanisme du fusil M16 américain, la solidité des pièces en est largement renforcée. 12 Dec 2020. Ordnance, Vietnam War, Invasion of Grenada, Gulf War, Somali Civil War, Operation Deny Flight, Operation Joint Endeavor, Iraq War, War in Afghanistan (2001–present), War in Afghanistan (2001–present), War in Iraq (2003–2010), Colombian Armed Conflict, Operation Enduring Freedom, 2008 South Ossetia war, 33 in (840 mm) (stock extended), 29.75 in (756 mm) (stock retracted), 460 meters (point target), 800 meters (area target), 500 m for a point target and 600 m for an area target, 20 or 30 round box magazine, Drum, Snail or other STANAG Magazines. The M16, like all weapon systems, started out with a reputation of being less reliable than its predecessor (the M14). Both gained popularity and fame for being the standard issue assault rifles used respectively by the Soviet and U.S. militaries during the Cold War. They are issued to U.S. troops and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces worldwide. Close. 22 votes, 29 comments. Without getting into too much detail, the AR-15 is essentially the civilian variant of the M16, which was initially developed for military use. Both the M416 and the M16A4 weapons use 5.56 ammo in the game and fall under the category of assault rifles. Log In Sign Up. The M416 has many attachment slots which allow the weapon to have multiple attachments like an extended magazine, compensators, suppressor, vertical foregrip and scopes. Army utilise la version A4. M16A4. In closing, My beloved Acela (FN M16A4) brought me home and never let me down. Today, rifles like this are commonly used by Special Forces soldiers and SWAT teams with nothing better to blow their budgets on. AK-47 vs M16 Rifle comparison. M16 is not necessarily more accurate, in fact its generally less so because the shorter barrel is stiffer. Army M4 vs. Marine M16A4. Which of these is best? M416; Senjata ini merupakan versi mutakhir dari AR-15 dan M16. Players can use the stability of these weapons to their advantage and win gunfights. Dear God, how I miss that rifle. merci - Topic m416 vs m16a3 du 29-04-2012 18:53:03 sur les forums de As other stated the only major difference is the gas system. La m416 est plus facile d'utilisation (moins de recul) mais une cadence de tir un peu plus faible. For the money, the M4A1 is better and for all practical purposes will do everything the M416 will do. Although M16 variants with shorter barrels were in widespread use, they were noisy, difficult to handle, and had poor accuracy. Press J to jump to the feed. Archived. 2 years ago. The M16 is supposed to have the greatest range of the rifles. User account menu. M416 is better in general due to its design. In this, it hews more closely to the AK-47 design in order to provide a more reliable firing action in field conditions. Posted by. The Bolt Carrier does not have as far to travel, so it has less time to extract the round and chamber the next. Level 3 Helmet. 3 years ago. The M16 is the U.S. military designation for the 5.56x45mm AR-15 rifle, developed by Eugene Stoner and the ArmaLite Corporation in 1957. Page 1 of 3 - M16 Vs Thompson - posted in Thompson Submachine Gun Message Board: First off, great site. Headglitching is so common the accuracy and range of it is just too useful. The M4 came about when the U.S. Pentagon began a competition to replace the M16 Rifle with a carbine design using a shorter barrel for close-quarter combat. Use of the Colt M4 began in combat conditions in 2001, but reports of frequent failures (mainly jamming) kept the overall approval rating of the weapon under 95%, at best. M416 vs. AUG A3. 1 Far Cry 3 1.1 Tips 1.2 Gallery 2 Far Cry 4 3 Far Cry 5 4 Far Cry New Dawn 5 Trivia 6 References “The MS16 is an updated take on an American battle rifle that dates back to the Vietnam War. 1 2 4 jv209. Edit or create new comparisons in your area of expertise. The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16, is a family of military rifles adapted from the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle for the United States military. This really makes me wonder what the exact differences between them are. There is an interesting article at Human Events about the US Army culture favoring the M4, while the Marines culture being pro-M16A4. It was designed with emphasis on firepower, ease of use, low production costs, and reliability in keeping with the Soviet army’s doctrines of mobile warfare. Discussion. Elles sons assez utilisées par la communauté et on en commun un grand nombre de gens a 100 étoiles avec. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . The rail forearm is "free-floating" and does not contact the barrel, improving accuracy. Also read: Free Fire: List of all assault rifles in the game. 30 round box magazine or other STANAG Magazines. The smaller barrel length allows for greater control in close quarters, not only for mobility, but also for firing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . For Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "M416 vs M16a3". The M16 was designed as an assault rifle aimed at maximum firepower. The 416 is a piston design while the m4 is a direct gas design. With new iterations, the M4 quickly gained a reputation for reliability, both on the range and in field situations. Most players have a pre-determined dream loadout in the game and often refuse to try out other weapons. Debates the merits of the M16 vs M14. The recoil was designed to be straight-line, for easier "stay on target" action. Take care of her and she will love you back.) Log In Sign Up. It is because every model we come across carries typical features, making it incomparable with the others. The AR-15 was a direct evolution of the AR-10, which was developed by Eugene Stoner in the 50’s. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I perfer the M16A4 since I was able to engage a POINT Target at 843 yards using a T31 ACOG. 2. 2012-05-26 12:39 m16 is better Jerjus. In 2012, the government price of every new U.S. Army M16 was $673. 2 2 22. The M416 has single and auto modes of fire but the M16A4 has a single or burst mode of fire, which can be very lethal in the right hands. Posted August 27, 2009 in Rifles by Steve Johnson with 43 Comments Tags: army, m16, m4, Marines, military, rifle, rifles. The rifle length gas system is easier on the internals which is where increased reliability comes from, Even though the m16 has better accuracy i still think that the m4 is better because of all the problems that the m16 has like jaming or grime that getts into the chamber. Posts: 10,288 AEK VS M416 Feb 7, 2011 18:16:00 GMT -5 . The basic weight for the M4 is between 6 and 7 pounds (2.9 to 3.10 kg), and the accessories weigh less as well. The M-4 and M-16 both have the same function so both suffer from the possibility of having foreign objects in the star chamber, barrel, magazine well, etc. The M16 was designed in 1956 and replaced the M14 as the U.S. military's standard service rifle in 1969. forces in the Korean War. I prefer using the M16(it just feels nice)but i am wondering if it is better to use the M416? Archived. B… As recently as 2014, Army generals and soldiers have complained about jamming and overheating in all M4 models. M416. Previous Thread; Next Thread; Please make a selection first; new « Prev; 1; Next » ][nquisitor Mateo True Bro. Enrôlé : 2011-11-21. User account menu. Their prototypes and others were tested extensively as early as 1983, with several trials taking place up to 1994. M4 vs m416 What is so good about the HK 416 over the ubiquitous M4 . The HK416 rail forearm can be installed and removed without tools by using the bolt locking lug as the screwdriver. 100 SS a l'AK-74M. The M14 delivers more punch and, according to its many fans, is better suited for … I'm thanking God I never had to carry the M4 into combat. Web. Deux versions me sont présentées : l’une avec un canon standard, destinée à équiper les unités de contact, l’autre avec un canon plus court pour les autres unités. Posted by 2 years ago. User account menu. Slowik and others have stated that the design flaws seen in the M4 and M4A1 have been well-known for a long time, and that the M4A1+ standard is an acknowledgment of these flaws. The M416 has single and auto modes of fire but the M16A4 has a single or burst mode of fire, which can be very lethal in the right hands. 1 2 5 Kem1o. For Battlefield 3 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "M16A3 vs M416". In 2004, Colt filed a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement on the term "M4" against Heckler & Koch and Bushmaster. The M16 is a rotating bolt rifle with a gas-operated direct impingement firing action. But forget that. M416 DESCRIPTION The Heckler & Koch HK416 ( AKA M416 ) is an assault rifle/carbine designed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch. M16 / DMR. The M4's design was based on shortening the barrel length without compromising long-range accuracy, faster firing action, capability of setting a three-shot pattern, and basic versatility for additional equipment (flash suppressors, silencer, grenade launchers, etc.). Current estimates of the M4 cost place it at around $1,120 per weapon. The gas-operated direct impingement system uses a rotating bolt to strike a smaller caliber bullet (5.56x45mm) than what was used in the M14, allowing for higher magazine loads (more bullets) and faster rounds. It is because every model we come across carries typical features, making it incomparable with the others. The HK416 has an adjustable multi-position telescopic butt stock, offering six different lengths of pull. Feedback from battlefield experience was then used to refine and improve the gun over the years and as a result, many derivatives and variants of the M16 have been created, with the fourth generation M16A4 being the latest development. Even after all these years, the M16 still manages to stand out as a unique design which serves its purpose. At present, other modifications to the M4 design are still in progress, responding to both current needs and anticipated future needs of the U.S. and NATO forces. I personally prefer the M-4 because of the shortened barrel and collapsable butt stock makes MOUT easier to conduct, increases shooter comfort, and it reduces the overall weight of the weapon. Tbh would rather have the M416 or Scar-l as I find they are better all round weapons to complement the sniper rifles. The M16 magazine is lightweight compared to that of other assault rifles. How … Press J to jump to the feed. Tactical Gear . The commercial market has been swifter to improve upon M4/M4A1 shortcomings, and so the M4A1+ military standard will feature many of the enhancements that have been available in the private market for some years now. The HK416, (referred to as the M416 in-game) is an assault rifle/carbine type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS. Left-handed users of the M16 complain that the design makes it difficult for them to field-strip it for maintenance. However, some might argue that the M416 has slightly more recoil than the M16A4. The early jamming issues were resolved in manufacturing, and in 2009, the Pentagon permitted other makers to begin manufacturing M4 weapons and accessories. They are used by military, police, security forces, revolutionaries, terrorists, criminals and civilians alike and will most likely continue to be used for decades to come. Jika disandingkan dengan kaliber 5,56 yang lain saat belum dipasangkan attachment, senjata buatan Amerika ini memiliki perbedaan stat yang tidak terlalu tinggi. I usually go with an M16 in single shot as my main weapon, hopefully with a 4X. Question. Cut-down M16 barrels lose accuracy and create more flash, so a shorter carbine variant was needed to address current battlefield realities. Posted by. Army seeks gun industry help on M4 carbine in tacit admission of rifle’s flaws -, Army Wants Upgrades to Improve M4A1 Carbine's Performance, Accuracy -, Gas-operated, rotating bolt (direct impingement), 7.18 lbs (3.26 kg) (unloaded), 8.79 lb (4.0 kg) (loaded), 6.36 lb (2.88 kg) empty, 6.9 lb (3.1 kg) with 30 rounds, Colt Defense, Daewoo, FN Herstal, H & R Firearms, General Motors, Hydramatic Division, Elisco, U.S. SpruceMoose95 . The hot gas pushes the bolt carrier to the rear. After several designs were presented, the Army took over the M4 Carbine development in 2009 and suggested changes in materials and firing action, replacing the impingement mode (like the M16) with a solely gas-operated mode. To this day, it has inspired many variations and sees some of the widest use worldwide. If you read this far, you should follow us: "M16 Rifle vs M4 Carbine." Proper care and maintenance will prevent 99% of problems related to debris blockage of your weapon. M416 vs M16a3. A tactical rifle based on the discontinued XM8-project as an improvement of both the M16/AR-15 and the M4 Carbine, it integrates the short-stroke gas piston system from the G36 rifle for less recoil and increased reliability. M16A3 je pense - page 3 - Topic M416 Vs M16A3 du 19-07-2012 23:50:28 sur les forums de Archived. About 80% of the M4 is based on M16 parts, making these weapons somewhat interchangeable and reducing new manufacturing costs. Discussion. 1 2 10 Manu_kun92. M4 SBR. Compatibilité avec les différents chargeurs améliorée selon STANAG-DRAFT 4179 OTAN (chargeurs M4/M16) Interface pour lanceur 40 mm basse vitesse GLM/M320; Variantes | Options. Airsoft Guns. M16s hold 20 or 30 bullets each and can be replaced quickly, though anyone who will use the rifle will need training for some time to master the replacement process. The M4 has been in widespread use by tactical forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and is scheduled to fully replace the M16 as standard issue by 2018. < >. At that length, it provides greater accuracy than the M14 or AK-47; however, the barrel is too long for close combat efficiency. However the 20 inch m16 has greater range and about double the fragmentation range firing the m855 round. The modification is in response to current tactical situations where close combat is more common than in previous engagements, with most of combat occurring in battlegrounds with shorter sightlines (e.g., urban and mountain terrains). First, it can refer to a specific rifle -- the Armalite AR-15 (later the Colt AR-15), which was the original 5.56mm variant of the AR-10 rifle in larger, heavier 7.62mm. 2. L'an94 est tout aussi efficace - page 2 - Topic M416 Vs M16A3 du 19-07-2012 23:50:28 sur les forums de By the early 1950s, it had entered widespread service throughout the Red Army.After World War II, the U.S. Army initially focused its firearms development on semi-automatic rifles, which resulted in the M14. The weapon still has its critics, however. Both guns have fairly low recoil and are easy to control in PUBG Mobile. What's everyones thoughts? The original M16 rifle was a 5.56mm automatic rifle with a 20-round magazine. Here is the comparison between the two weapons based on specific features: The damage rates of both weapons are fairly similar. Sure, you can see weapon stats in-game, but that doesn't seem to tell you too much. I think M416 fires faster but SKS does more damage? With the M16, SCAR, and M416 all using the same ammunition and sharing basically the same role, I'm constantly having to choose between them. alors voila dites moi quelle est celle que vous preferez et avec quels accesoires vous jouer . The term AR-15 means multiple things. However, the biggest difference between the two weapons is the firing modes. This lets the user switch from semi-automatic to automatic fire and back, but the switch's small size makes it difficult to use under stressful conditions. M416 vs M16a3. Si l’on retrouve le mécanisme du fusil M16 américain, la solidité des pièces en est largement renforcée. To understand the different types of AR15’s, you first need to start with a little history. 10. This puts them at a major disadvantage in the ranked matches where early skirmishes with enemies are inevitable. 3 1. The M16 rifle and the M4 carbine are semi-automatic and automatic weapons that originated in the U.S. While the M416 can deal a damage of 41, the M16A4 can inflict a damage of 43. Furthermore, the M16 is typically automatic and has a farther effective firing range. Close. I personally never had my M16 jam on me. Quote. M416 grip, stick and comp for full auto and x4 on the M16A4. Le système de piston à emprunt de gaz du HK416 est similaire à celui équipant déjà les fusils HK G36 et remplace le système à emprunt de gaz direct utilisé par les M4 et M16. To make full auto easier to control at longer distances, make sure to shoot in controlled bursts. I'm hoping you mean the HK416. Although the cartridge remains the same between the two, the jacketing and powder mix have been modified to increase firing speed and impact profile. Epic Deals. 15:34. M416 or M16A4. The M4 has greater ergonomic efficiency in terms of selector/safety switch and maintenance. In response to complaints, the Army has called for weapons manufacturers to begin producing another round of upgrades to the military-grade carbine. The MS16s here were brought in by mail order. A major factor in M16 maintenance is lubrication, for without consistent cleaning and oiling, the weapon's performance deteriorates noticeably, even in recent variants. The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16, is a family of military rifles adapted from the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle for the United States military. Also with the new visual recoil gone you can do work with its accuracy. Bien que la M16 sois quelque peu OP qu’en est t’ill de la M416 ? Widely adopted by militaries around the world, in BATTLEGROUNDS it proves to be an assault rifle more suited for longer range engagements. Close. Pour se faire , j'aimerais que des personnes débattent sur ce topic e - Topic M416 Vs M16A4 du 25-01-2012 12:12:36 sur les forums de Menu Mon compte The M16 has a standard barrel length of 39 inches (1 meter). Archived. #2 Recoil 2013-01-10 12:14 Bonjour, Bon voilà j’aimerais lancer une question comparative entre la M416 et la M16a3. Enlisted: 2011-10-28. However, the burst fire mode on the M16A4 proves to be the difference-maker as it makes the gun a solid short-medium range weapon for players.

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