As a result of our efforts we have started partnerships with nine (9) medical providers providing PrEP, PEP, HEP C, and STD services in Central Florida. Your donation helps us serve families in need in our community. Model students from local high schools and colleges are selected to be influencers at their place of study to share our message about HIV awareness, prevention, and treatment. Hope Center e.V. Florida Health funded prevention program, High Impact Prevention (HIP), is a response to the goals set by the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. IBAN DE29 5206 0410 0003 9108 14. In 2017, volunteers provided 47,986 hours of service, the equivalent of 23 full-time staff. Through its community based HIV/STI prevention and outreach programs, Hope & Help provides free HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C testing at its primary location and throughout a variety of health events. Hope & Help utilizes the Business Response to AIDS intervention to engage businesses and business owners to invest in HIV prevention for their patrons. We review compensation data across the organization (and by staff levels) to identify disparities by race. HIV is not a new disease so we will reach out to others for best practices, create partnerships and political alignments to help spur the discussion and inclusion of HIV in health considerations. The Democratic Republic of the Congo are one of … 0. Click here to resend it.). Individuals seeking treatment for themselves or others can call 1-8338-KY-HELP (1-833-859-4357) or text HOPE to 96714 to speak with a specialist about available treatment services. Using Facebook. Help & Hope Center staff members provide quality screening, one-on-one counseling, effective service delivery, and … Early Intervention Services (EIS) include identification of individuals at points of entry and access to services and provision of HIV testing and targeted counseling, referral services, linkage to care, and health education and literacy training that enable consumers to navigate the HIV system of care. Build relationships with key people who manage and lead nonprofit organizations with GuideStar Pro. This includes direct assistance in gaining access to services, coordination of care, and linkage to appropriate services. Log In Create Account. We've received concerns about our website's ability to incorporate more automated options to increase service delivery for our visitors. Hope & Help strives to be an employer of choice and we will create career opportunities, facilitated trainings, create a 401K matching program, explore college tuition reimbursement programs, and maintain transparency and strong communications. (4) Outreach services and Health Education/Risk Reduction related to HIV diagnosis. Contact. There is no shame in being HIV positive so let's help people get the care, education and support needed to stop the spread. Hope & Help Connect is a patient assistance program designed to provide medical and ancillary services to all eligible clients and patients at Hope & Help through a network of medical providers, pharmacies, and patients whose goal is to ensure everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, has access to quality, affordable healthcare. Hope & Help relocated to a new facility this August and are increasing services, programs, and opportunities to serve the community. Whether you have insurance or not or can afford health treatment or not, Hope & Help doesn't … about GuideStar Pro. Our goals are to: (1) Ensure all Central Floridians know their HIV status, (2) Assist those who are negative with behavioral and medical strategies to keep them negative, such as PrEP and condom use, (3) Provide testing, community outreach and education programs to identify and link to care those infected by HIV, (4) Provide resources to those infected and affected by HIV by linking HIV positive persons to medical care, (5) Provide skilled staff at all levels, from peer mentors to medical providers, to link HIV positive persons to resources they need to ensure they get comprehensive, culturally competent medical care and stay in medical care, (6) Provide a platform for social change, to end stigma, and to change the conversation that HIV is no longer a threat. Prevention team members must secure one (1) new testing location per calendar month to test for HIV and Hepatitis C. We know what we are doing is working when we receive client comments such as, “Having a Peer (Hope & Help staff) go to my doctor's appoint with me was so reassuring. HIV is a threat and it does not discriminate, (7) Foster coalitions and networks that bring together groups and individuals for broader goals and greater impact Influence policies and legislation by encouraging laws and policies that support a HIV negative community (human trafficking, intravenous drug use and clean needle exchange programs, condom distribution, HIV education in schools).

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